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Green Field

May 2024

Diving into the fundamental concept of boundaries and exploring effective strategies for setting and maintaining them. It can be hard for those are who are natural empaths, who struggle setting boundaries in their personal and professional life.

March 2024

We are hoping everyone is coping with the busy season, and of course these high temperatures. This month we would like to delve into the heartbeat of success – communication. Communication stands as the cornerstone, ...

January 2024

Welcome back to our monthly newsletter of 2024. This is such a special month for us, as Routes Coaching reaches an incredible milestone – 10 years old! It feels surreal! On page 2 I have listed my 10 core lessons I have learnt on this journey...

August 2023

It’s Women’s Month and happy Women’s Month to all! This beautiful edition of our monthly newsletter is quite a special one. It will feature two articles, written by Debbie and Cassie, on their own personal experiences in the business world and more...

April 2024

This month, we delve into the intricate dynamics of feedback, the fear of feedback and ways to navigate it effectively. The exchange of feedback serves as a cornerstone for growth and improvement.

February 2024

As we step out of February, we are thrilled to bring you another edition of our monthly newsletter. This month we celebrate a huge milestone for us, our 10- year anniversary! ...

October 2023

Creating awareness, educating and reducing mental illness stigmas is the purpose around this month. We would like to encourage you to spread awareness and support for those who are struggling...

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