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DebTalks are short videos where I discuss specific topics that are close to my heart, how to shift your energy and focus and how better to manage the every day stress of life. 

Let's Talk About Mental Health Issues

10 October 2021 is World Mental Health Day. This DebTalk speaks about this critical and very personal topic!

The Biology of Stress 

In this quick Deb Talk, I explore the biology of stress. Understanding our body and our stress responses, is the first step in learning to actively manage our stress.

4 Happy Chemicals!

Join Debbie from Routes Coaching in her DebTalk about the 4 happy chemicals we can access in our bodies, that will not only make us feel better, will mitigate the long term detrimental effects of chronic stress!

Using Stress To Propel Us

This DebTalk gives us ideas on how we can use stress to propel us, not paralyse us!

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